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Name: Dylan
Age: 14
Birthday: December 20, 1989
Hobbies: Playing Hockey, and Playing drums

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Sunday, May 09, 2004
yo yo yo

What a lazy ass i am. haha.  Havnt wrote in here for a whille.

Anyway.  Stuff has been pretty good. Nothing special.

The past week we had try outs for Lancaster Firebirds travel team.  They whent ok.  Did good the first try out and then whent down from there.  By the time the last try out came i sucked major willey.  haha.  Im so sick of trying out for teams.  haha.  This was my fourth try out in two months or so.  haha.  So it looks like im playing firebirds this season.  AAA didnt work out, every one dropped out, so im stuck playing tier two again.  oh well.

The past weekend has gone good id say.

Friday night, hung out with my alyssa.  Whent perrussing at the park.  Not to shabby.  Proud to say shes the only girl that has ever knocked me off a swing and then beat me up.  haha.  Violent woman she is.  She is definatly going to be the next world wrestleing champion.  That or a very violent hobo.  haha, jk.  Shes way too awesome. 

Then saturday just hung around, eating being lazy.   Then went to firebird try out.  That stunk.  The worst try out yet.  i didnt have a outside edge at all on my skates.  The guy who did my skates really messed them up.  Besides that it wasnt that bad.  Just couldnt skate.

After Tryouts I whent over to spitlers for the night.  Almost as soon as i walk in the door, derrick pummels me with a paintball.  haha. what a fruit.  Any way we shot around with the paint ball guns, and so on.  Then we build a camp fire, which wasnt a good idea.  haha.  In about 5 minutes or so, derrick had the gas container out, writing his name in the grass and then lighting it, it was awesome, but bad, kids stay away from fire...bad thing. haha.  And then we lit a puddle of gas, and kicked the fire around....only to result in, half of my left leg.....hairless.  haha.  Man it hurt.  All because the spitler brothers just HAD to get the gas out....haha.  Its all good.  We then shot thier 700 pucks at a board.  haha.  Not a bad night.

Other then that, all is swell.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Hey every one.

Sorry i havn't written in this thing for a while.....too lazy.  haha

Any way the past couple of weeks have been awesome!

Travis and i have been going to lancaster storm parctices.  Those are going well.  Off ice is mad hard which is a good thing.  haha.  Still sore though.  On ice practices have been good also.  Keeping us conditioned and improving over the off season.  So can complain.

School this week has gone really fast.  We whent skating thursday as a incentive.  But i didnt go.  Stayed home with matt, and jammed.  Then goofed off with jay and jesse all day.  Not to bad.  Then friday we had a snow make up day.  haha.  gay as hell.  283 kids were absent, out of what 700 or so in the whole school.  There were like 10 kids in all of my classes.  But then the best part of the day, was in mr yeanys 7th period science extenstion calss.  Where he took us all out to the soccor field and shot his trebuchet he built.  That was awesome.  haha.  It shot 1 pound clay balls over the soccor field.  haha.  It was crazy. 

Then friday night i tried out for Central Penn Panthers Midget 89' AAA team.  That was sweet.  Did some drills for like 15 minutes or so, and then scrimaged.  Those guys were awesome.  Shows how slow tier II hockey really is.  But after try outs everyone was told to stay in the locker rooms for the coaches to talk and all and pick out the teams.  So the guys got called and all that.  Then the coach came and called my name.  Came over and told me he wanted to speak with "my folks".  So i got undressed and grabbed my dad and talked to him.  Happens to be that i made the team.  So did i guess 5 kids out of the whole try out that night.  I guess other guys got called up in the earlier try outs which i wasn't at.  But he told us the whole shmeal.  We get pants, a home and away helmet, jerseys, socks, and a bag i belive.  And i heard we get free gear...hmmmm.  I hope so.  haha.  He told us that on away games we take a team road bus or a "grey hound" to the game.  Play one game, go to a hotel, sleep that night, then go to the next mornings game and then head back home.  Which is awesome.  Cant wait.   And then on home games we play at the regency in lancaster.  But the whole team will be meeting each other monday, where we will meet the coaching staff, and discuss our contracts.  But the bad news is i like wont ever be home.  haha.  I will be either on the road or at a ice rink.  With three practices a week, and two games a weekend its hard to do stuff.  haha.  So thats the bad part.  But i'll have to make time.

Well thats about it. 

Im out


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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Another Day


The past week has been slower then normal due to the PSSA'S, more like GBRT's, gay beyond reason tests.  haha. 

Then wensday started the first day of north east select tryouts.  Those whent well. I wasnt looking to good in the first tryout, played a little flat, not like myself.  The guys were unbelivable out there, younger, smaller guys smoking my ass out there.  Then saturday another try out.  That whent better then the last one.  After tryouts they posted the team...i didnt make it.  But no biggie.  Trav didnt make it either. So we are gonna try the Lancaster Storm select team next week. 

So saturday night whent to the movies, saw dawn of the dead, with matty, tyler, travis dunlap and alyssa loraine!!!  The movie was ok.  More funny then scary.  But alot of gore.  good stuff.

So today......woke up around 8:30, 9 o' clock. Hung out in my boxers all morning. Not to shabby.  Lazy day.  I found out that the north east select' coach called.  He called to say there was a problem with one of the posted defenseman, and he wants me to play.  But im not gonna do it.  Trav and i are gonna try that lancaster select team, if that dosnt work out ill be doing camps, and clinics all summer. No biggie

Other then that all is swell

Im out


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Sunday, March 14, 2004


tha past two weeks have been cool.

last friday night we played up at four diamonds.  That was mad fun.  we went on second to last.  Not a bad show id say.  I left right after then and whent home to sleep.  Then woke up two hours later for my tourney in valley forge.  I played for the other Bantam A team along with collin from my team.  Not bad.  didnt make it to the finals.  But played ok.  I wasnt on top of my game.  But it all went well.

Then all week school was gay, but just a couple months left. 

Then this weekend... Left my house at about 7 friday night and when to get phalen.  Picked him up and headed off for our tourney in delaware.  Our game was at 10:10 that night.  We lost 2-1 in the last 2 min or so cause of a 2 on 1 rush.  Then checked into the hotel.  Got settled and showered ate something and whent to bed.  Phalens freicken headphones kept me up for a little bit, blasting some gay music. haha.  Then in the morning got out of bed with my morning afro and went down to the breakfast bar in the confrence room and brought it back to the room.  After that we headed off for the game.  Got stuck in back of a train.  So we were late for the game.  We messed that one up 5-1 or 5-2 i cant remember.  I only had one penalty, conicodental minor for punching...hey, he punched me first...haha.  Then we had the skills comp.  That was ok.  After that i headed home for the night.

Whent to the movies with alyssa and travis.  We got our tickets, to see 50 first dates, and then whent into the movie.  haha.  But it was in the dinky theatre, and it was packed.  So i was like no way.  So i worked my magic (haha) with the tickets and got tickets for Mystic river.  So trav shows up and we get in there.  The movie wasnt bad.  Two and a half hours long.  Boring.  But good.  Then came home and slept.

Then i left for my game this morning.  Lost that one 2-0.  Last game as a bantam.  And probley my last game as a Hershey Bear.  Not sure were to go next season.  But man this season was good.  We lost three-quaters of all the games, maybe even worse, but man had alot of fun.  Cool Guys.  It was good being there captian.  Mad fun times.  Gonne miss there asses.  Good luck next year boys. 

Other then that all is well.

Im out


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Monday, March 01, 2004


the past week has bee off the hezzay!

Lets start out with wensday, where i had practice at the outside rink in hershey.  All is well when im getting ready, my coach walks in the room with a speical guest.  None other then BRUCE RICHARDSON from the hershey bears.  Man he was awesome.  He is french canadian and mad cool.  So he coached the rest of practice and showed us some stuff.  After practice he gave every one a autographed card and a hand shake.  He was like the guy you always want to meet and play hockey with.  He was one heck of a guy. 

Then Friday! The show!  Mad awesome!  Fiasco Opened up.  They did mad good.  Then we whent on.  Mad props to the boys.  They played awesome.  Mike should have been up a bit more.  But other then that our performance was awesome.  Mason started up the mosh pit, haha.  Nothing like playing music so large men can punch each other and beat each other up whille running in a circle.  haha.  But mad good show.  Ill let you know when the next one will be.

So i left early after the show, right after we were done for a tourney up in pottstown.  we came in 3 out of 4 teams.  Not bad, got our first trophy all year!  woohoo!  haha

well other then that, im out...


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Thursday, January 22, 2004

The past week has been good.

Lets start out with the cedar crest game..we lost.  First loss in 23 games.  They were on top of the game though.  Alan and i were railing each other the whole game, it was awesome.  Mad cool kid he is.  haha. 

Then monday night at practice in the slap shot drill, i got the puck, skated to the blue line, wound up for a slap shot, took the shot , it hits the glass, and the galss shattered!  haha.  it was awesome.  Glass was every where.  They got the zamboni out, sweeped up the ice, zambonied the ice and put a nioce attractive board in the glasses place.  haha

Then Wensday we played NL/ Elco, tied 1-1, bad game also.

Im out


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Saturday, January 10, 2004
Another awsome day

Hello every body

First of all i thank luke for helping me get that stupid thing out of my info!

Anyway, today was ok.  Woke up around 9 or 10, had some food, and then helped my dad out in the summer house in shorts in 3 degrees.  haha. mad coldness.

I then left for ice world! in hathfield i think.  Got there a hour and a half befor game time as im suppost to and watched some of travis's, marc's, josh's and diron's game.  They had a game right before us, what are the odds.  but the first thing i see when i walked in was travis take a nice shot and almost scored.  Then i got e pretzel and there is a huge ass fight.  haha it was awesome. The we had our game, we lost 6-1 to the ice dogs.  they were ok.  made a couple of mistakes other then that i played good.  The team played decent, just have to step it up a little more.  Other then that it well.

But any way look out for the band, just changed music styles.  Started completey over.  Whent from 11 songs to 4.  But there mad awsome.  Props out to them, for the awsome work we have done.  Let me know if you want to see a practice or a show or whatever.  Ill let you know when the demo is finally recorded and being handed out. 

Well im out


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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
A crazy two weeks

Yo homies.

The past two weeks have been pretty cool.  I broke three count them three! One, Two THREE hockey sticks in two weeks.  and im pissed.

haha.  So four days for my birthday, i was at practice.  We were in a shoot out and i just got done.  I was stick handeling and i felt my 150 dollar synergy drift away at the blade.  So i look down...And there is a huge crak down the blade.  So i take my hand on blade and pull it and it splits in two long pices.  I then sent it to uncle steve and got it fixed.  That same day i had to get my back up stick fixed, put a knob in it and so on. 

That next day was my birthday.  I woke up early and had to go get my back x-rayed.  That whent well.  Any way i then left for WASHINGTON FRIEKEN D.C.! i had a game we won 9-2 i think i scored.  Came home saw stuck on you with Matt, Erin and Alyssa.  All ended up good.

Then Christmas was sweet.  Got a paintball gun, drum stuff, whole lot of hockey stuff, xbox crap, clothes and so on.  Pretty good.  My Grandparents came up and stayed the next day or so with us.  That was cool.  so on and so forth.

Then the past weekend my hershey team was in a tournament in harris burg.  We played pretty good.  We lost to navy prep, shoulda won, they sucked. But i take a slap shot and i hear my stick snap.  so i try not to hit it hard. It then shattered at the end of the game. Then we played chiefs.  They sucked.  We won.  We then played new jersey lightneing.  The best game we have ever played.  They were a AA team and we smashed them.  We then played reading royals in the semi finals and lost.  They are a awsome team.  No doubt.  But in the semi fianal game there was a minute thirty left in the game and they just scored, and we were all pretty mad.  So i decide to ice it but when i took the slap shot i turned and it sailed to the time keeper. Smaked off the pole and hit him.  haha.  I then look at my shaft.  And what do i see?  it was broken in two peices.  so im over by our stands, i take it and take the broken shaft, and brake it and every one cheered.  It was awsome.  So i use some one elses stick fo the rest of the game. 

But for this tournament we had two of the other A team members play with us.  Stephen and robbie.  Robbie was probabley one of the quiest kids i know, untill yesterday.  haha.  It all started when i walked in and BV and Nick stole my jerseys, and gave it to brians sister.  So we played and lost.  After the game we were in the locker room and im standing thier in my lucky boxers, and what do youi know.  Brians 16 year old sister walks in to give me my jersey.  and as i cover my self, robbie is checking her out.  So she gives me my jersey and the leaves laughing.  And robbie, his jaw dropped and he turns to me and says " Is that your girlfreind?"  I say no its not.  he then says damn dude she was hot!  i was like holy crap robbie.  I thewn say thats brians sister, and he says "holy shit dude i would have a hard time being her brother, id tap that ass".  I pissed my self.   It was so funny. haha.  The whole night then he tried to get "some".  ahah.  holy crap.  haha

any way im out


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Monday, December 01, 2003
The new funniest thing in the world!

here is the new funniest thing in the world.. Courtesy of Dave

top 10 reasons why hockey is better than sex

10. It's legal to play hockey professionally.
9. The puck is always hard.
8. The protective equipment is reusable and you don't even have to wash it.
7. It lasts a full hour.
6. You know you're finished when the horn goes off.
5. Your parents cheer when you score.
4. A two-on-one or three-on-one is not uncommon.
3. Periods last only 20 minutes.
2. You can count on it at least twice a week.
1. You can tell all of your friends about it afterward.


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Sunday, November 23, 2003

Yo homies

Yesterday was one awsome crazy day! Wow, it was crazy.

First the day started off with cole, zach, and tyler came over in the morning and did the final touches to the after party.  Hung some lights, set up some tabels, got some chairs, same old.

Then i left for a hockey game, for hershey.  WE WON! WOOHOO! 3-1! FIRST WIN ALL SEASON! haha.  Good job boys.

Thn i got home, and got ready for semi!  WOO! Got on my black dickies, my gray van huesen fitted shirt, and my damn geffory beene tie, and off to the semi!  It was awsome! Danced all night.  Great time!  I whent with Alyssa fricken cave!  Kept her in line for my homie travis...haha, he knows what im talking about.  I swear those damn cameras were every were!  haha.  I was like blind by the end of the night. haha.  Any way i danced with Amber, tiff and alyssa for the rest of the night.  All danced we counted down the minutes till THE AFTER PARTY!  We would hold up numbers and run around the room screaming how many mins were left untill the party.  Haha.  The semi ended with a blast and off to the after party, with irwinkle, brewer, zach and tyler.  Man that car ride was crazy!  haha.  We had to stop at hess and get some food, so we go in hess running and barking. haha. Then we got what we needed and ran into the car and off to my place. 

The after party!  Wooo! haha.  We waited for every one to come, and played spin the bottle and truth or dare, suck and blow, and then lights off.  haha.  But once the lights whent off all chaos broke loose!  haha.  once the lights when off, some one or somthing taked their hand and pinches my left testicle!  i was like holy shit! haha, and then i hear amber ludwig scream, so i get up out of my chair to find the light switch and then i feel something rough, and i move it out of the way, and it was tiff, and my hand was on her side and i hear.....RIPPPPPP! and she starts to scream, "AHH MY DRESS BROKE! AHHH!" im like oh shit. so i run over to the light switch try to turn it on, but nothing comes on so im shearching for the plug, and then i find it plug it in, and turn it on, and what do i see?  I saw alyssa, jill and chelsea under the rack hinding, zach on top of amber ludwig, humping her it looks like, and every one else under things and people on the floor.  Im like geez!  But as it so happens, tiffs dress is ruined, and she changes real quick, and something else happened!  but what?  haha. Lets not say.  Amber was pissed non the less. haha.  Every one there knows what happened. 

Well That was one hell of a night!  Mad fun, even if things got out of control. It was awsome.

Im out


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